Our Mission





With a team consisting of humanitarians, professionals, and creatives who have witnessed or experienced the destructive power of addiction, Keys to Freedom Foundation was founded so that we might elevate the disappointingly low rate at which individuals are regaining their health and independence through addiction recovery.

A Real Chance for Recovery

At Keys to Freedom Foundation, the mission statement is to provide addicts, alcoholics, their families, and their communities access to the right drug and alcohol addiction treatments.

Everyone deserves a real chance for recovery.

This includes helping people find the right information, making sure they have transportation to and from treatment, and making sure they have funds or coverage for substance-free housing.

Keys to Freedom Foundation works with local law enforcement to pioneer a more supportive, multidisciplinary program for drug and alcohol offenders. If successful, this program could be a pilot and model for other departments across the country.

The Keys to Freedom team continues to welcome opportunities to partner with local businesses, governments, and providers to provide substance free housing in our local area.

Our Process

What We Do*


The team learns all about your specific needs, preferences, and background.


Recommendations are made, based on the info from the assessment.

Travel Planning

Since many will travel for rehab, the team will help with travel preparations.

*To learn more, visit Never Alone Recovery.

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"I won't be a slave to the past. I'll love where I choose."

Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge


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