Our Support Group





In partnership with Never Alone Recovery, Keys to Freedom Foundation leads a weekly online support group meeting, available for free to anyone who would like to join us.

Why Attend Our Support Group?

Although support groups have been instrumental in helping many people to get sober, these meetings aren't just for addicts in recovery.

Everyone is welcome at our support group meetings.

There are a number of reasons why someone would benefit from our free online support group meetings, including:

You have a loved one who's suffering from addiction.

You have questions about alcohol or drug use and need answers.

You're looking for emotional support.

You want to learn more about addiction and recovery.

You'd like to get some things off your chest.

Our Process

What We Do*


The team learns all about your specific needs, preferences, and background.


Recommendations are made, based on the info from the assessment.

Travel Planning

Since many will travel for rehab, the team will help with travel preparations.

*To learn more, visit Never Alone Recovery.

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All are welcome. Wednesdays, 7PM CST.

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